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Linode Support

Find live support, developer communities, and self-service help for Linode cloud products and services.

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Call Support


Phone support is available day and night for existing customers, account support, and general inquiries.

U.S. 855-454-6633
Global +1-609-380-7100


Email Us

Contact us at if you need help recovering your account credentials or have a general inquiry.

Chat on IRC

Chat with the Linode community on the Linode IRC channel. Join #linode on on your favorite IRC client.

Report Abuse

We encourage reports of any abuse or suspected abuse originating from our network. Please include logs if possible.

Report a Security Issue

We're dedicated to responding to security issues with the Linode platform. You can encrypt your report using our PGP key.

Professional Services

Professional, system administration assistance as a service.

Linode Sales


If you have a question about a large deployment or migration, we are here to help. Request a meeting with one of our solutions consultants today.