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Say no to vendor lock-in and yes to Open Cloud


We believe in an Open Cloud world, where you are free to move your apps from one cloud to another without needing to change your tools and processes. Our open APIs give you the ability to reuse your code, no matter which cloud provider you choose.

A Different Approach to Open Cloud

We built Linode to democratize cloud computing. That starts with infrastructure that isn’t built on proprietary protocols. Open Cloud means being unencumbered by outside investment and maximizing value for the community, not shareholders. That freedom enables us to do things other providers can’t – like making it easy to move workloads between Linode and other cloud providers. In an industry where being locked into large proprietary clouds has a real impact on budget and control, it’s not enough to say you’re open. You have to actually be open.


No Vendor Lock-in

The Linode API is completely open and free. You can build apps and infrastructure on top of it without sacrificing your future freedom. Linode fits seamlessly into a multi-cloud strategy. Get started with just an API key.


Collaborate and Innovate Faster

Have your say on how our API is developed. Share your feedback on our community site, used by both fellow Linode customers and employees.


Open At Every Layer of the Stack

Unlike other cloud providers, we support all open source distros and don’t offer proprietary forks. We develop in the open too: Our Manager, CLI, and API documentation are all on Github and open source; and we work alongside the community to improve our software.

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