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Control and Customization
with Bare Metal


The convenience of the cloud meets the control and performance of on-prem with Bare Metal dedicated servers.

Non-Virtualized Hardware in the Cloud

Bare Metal is the single-tenant solution for applications and organizations with security, compliance, and performance needs. Bare Metal combines direct hardware access and the flexibility of a virtual machine.


Full Access

Bare Metal gives you the added benefit of running your application directly on the hardware, or establishing multi-tenancy for your organization. Direct access to hardware means that you control the installation, maintenance, and optimization of your instance.


Cloud Solution for Specialized Workloads

The happy medium for workloads that aren’t compatible with traditional shared cloud environments for performance, security, or compliance reasons. Get the performance of on-prem without the time and resources required to maintain your own servers.


Single Tenancy = No Noisy Neighbors

Maximum performance for latency-sensitive applications and workloads. Though benefits are comparable to Linode Dedicated CPU plans, Bare Metal gives you sole access to an entire server, not just the CPU.


Accessible Bare Metal

Choose between multiple plans, with a range designed to be affordable for smaller projects and powerful enough for business workloads.

Additional Features

Price Predictability - Linode

Consistent Pricing

Just like other Linode products, Bare Metal follows a simple monthly pricing structure - no commitments or reservations needed.

Simple Deployment

Deploy a Bare Metal server just like any other Linode using Cloud Manager, and manage your server using the Linode API or CLI.

Bare Metal
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