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Simple and Reliable Managed Databases


Fully-managed database service for MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Deploy a managed database cluster in production today.

Easily Deploy High-Performance Database Clusters

Managed Databases allow you to quickly deploy a new database and defer management tasks like configurations, managing high availability, disaster recovery, backups, and data replication.

Simple and Fast Managed Databses from Linode

Simple and Fast Deployment

Deploy a production-ready database using the Linode Cloud Manager, API, or CLI.

Secure Managed Databases from Linode

Secure Access

Add trusted sources to ensure your data is only accessed by specific IP addresses.

Managed Databases Daily Backups

Daily Backups Included

Backup of your data every 24 hours to easily restore the service and prevent data loss.

Managed Database Flexible Plans

Flexible Plans

Choose from Shared, Dedicated, and High Memory instances to support your database. Easily create and deploy new clusters as needed.

Linode Pricing

Fully-managed database service for MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

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Managed Databases

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Databases eBook

Understanding Databases

Develop a high-level understanding of industry-standard databases, the design of database architectures, and different deployment methods in the cloud.

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