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Upload, capture, and deploy custom images


Easily create, store, and deploy one image across multiple machines with Linode Custom Images.


Use Linode Images to capture, store, and deploy your custom images across Linodes or data centers.


From Your Local Machine to the Cloud

Create your own raw disk image and upload a compressed .gz image file (up to 5 GB) using the Cloud Manager or API to easily deploy to the Linode size and data center you need.


Long-Term Image Storage

Linode Images are stored even if your account has no active Linodes. Store up to 3 images per account with no additional charge.


Snapshot The Perfect Image

Reduce deployment time by capturing your golden image from an existing Linode and deploy an identical copy to any Linode on your account.


Drag and Drop Uploads

Drag and drop a custom image into Cloud Manager to quickly and easily apply it to new or existing workloads.


Deploy Across Data Centers

Bootstrap worker instances in multiple regions. Linode Images allows you to deploy the same image across data centers.

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Introduction to Images and Backups

Simple Predictable Pricing

Monthly Images Storage by the GB

$ /mo

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