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Do Multicloud Right

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Gone are the days of working with only one cloud provider. Today developers are free to host their applications across multiple providers with a multicloud strategy – saving money, reducing vendor lock-in, and increasing agility.  


The Multicloud Imperative - When One Cloud Provider Isn't Enough


Multicloud Misconceptions - How a Multicloud Strategy Makes Surprising Sense


Multicloud Strategy, More Choice

We encourage customers of all sizes to approach the cloud while putting portability first and taking advantage of multiple cloud providers with multicloud workloads. Don’t feel stuck. Using another cloud provider where and when available can help you reduce operating costs, troubleshoot problems, and make sure you stay cloud-agnostic while getting the products and services you need.


Customer Story

"We don’t have 20 providers—we have five. We are very selective in picking the right ones... we might have a digital agency that works with a $1 million client and another that works with a $10,000 client. The end-users’ needs all look different—but Linode enables us to serve both."

Aaqib Gadit, CEO Cloudways

Cloudways - A Multicloud Success

Developer Advocate Ned Bellavance explores how Cloudways' multicloud strategy has led to both their success as a business and to the customers that rely on them.

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