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Cloud Pricing Calculator

Configure. Price. Compare.

Estimate your cloud costs. Use our Cloud Pricing Calculator to price and configure Linode features to match your needs. Easily share with others by exporting results to Excel or PDF.   

Configure Your Infrastructure Estimate

Combine compute, storage, networking, tools, and more to match your workload requirements. Explore the benefits of Linode Bundled Services and free extras like DDoS and Cloud Firewall.

Cloud Pricing Calculator
Linode Cloud Pricing Calcualtor

Easily Customize Your Plan and Features

Select your distribution, desired region, product plan size, backup features, professional service hours, and more. Use our Cloud Pricing Calculator to create a simple single-instance estimate to a highly-complex enterprise configuration.

Export to Excel or PDF

Excel & PDF Export

Instantly export configuration and pricing estimates to Excel or PDF. Share data with team members, utilize for budget planning, or discuss with certified Linode Partners or sales representatives.

"Linode gives us the advertised performance, a superior support experience, and the bandwidth we need for worldwide coverage—all for a great price."

Luke Seelenbinder, Co-Founder of Stadia Maps

How Does Linode Pricing Compare?

For instant pricing comparisons of Linode vs AWS, GCP, and Azure, we recommend using our interactive Cloud Estimator tool.

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