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Linode Partner Program


Gain access to the best pricing, sell and market your offerings, and modernize your customers’ infrastructure with dedicated technical enablement and support.

Linode Partners - Solutions Partner Program

Why Become a Partner?

Whether you’re an agency, systems integrator, consultancy, incubator, or app developer, being a Linode partner includes access to financial incentives, sales and marketing resources, dedicated technical enablement, and world-class support.

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Linode Businsess Solutions - Optimize Cost and Performance

Increase your margins with predictable pricing and lower rates

The Linode Partner Program gives you access to the best pricing in the industry and on Linode. We’ve been in the cloud business for a long time. Expect no surprises, no confusion, no overcharging. You get pricing that is predictive and consistent. You and/or your clients can realize significant savings by using Linode.

Linode Businsess Solutions - Reduce Costs

Elevate your offering by providing your clients more affordable hybrid and multicloud options

There’s not just one cloud for every use case. Having Linode as a partner allows you to provide the best possible offering in hybrid and multicloud deployments. 

IT Services

Dedicated access to solution engineers to co-create the best solutions that drive profitability for you and your customers

In some partnership levels, you receive dedicated hours from Linode solution engineers and customer success managers to help you tackle specific issues or take your program to the next level.


Industry-leading uptime with 24/7/365 human customer support you should expect at no extra cost

The last thing you want is a cloud provider that doesn't make customer support a priority. As a 100% independent company, we’re able to over-invest in our customer service. No matter the time and day or where you're located, we're here to answer your call.

Our Partners Include


Companies that integrate cloud infrastructure into their offerings and sell to their clients (such as value-added resellers or distributors).

Service Providers

Companies that provide consulting and integration services, cloud migrations, or manage customer application workloads (such as system integrators, agencies and managed service providers).

Platform Builders

Companies that are building technology or creating solutions that integrate with or run on the cloud (such as application builders, software vendors and SaaS companies).

The MSP's Guide to Modern Cloud Infrastructure

Begin your journey into the world of the alternative cloud, you will discover that this growing marketing segment is one of the best-kept secrets in building a scalable, thriving, modern Managed Service Provider business.

Partnership Levels


Ideal for early stage companies or growing organizations that are building out their cloud solutions.

$0-500 Monthly Spend


  • Partner portal access
  • Linode partner logo
  • Sandbox credits
  • Access to our global community, thousands of guides, and video tutorial library
  • Sales and marketing resources
  • Go-to-market training materials

Designed for experienced Linode partners with higher monthly spends looking for greater support and benefits.

$500-$20,000 Monthly Spend


  • Co-marketing initiatives
  • Access to solution engineering support
  • Partner directory listing
  • Partner-specific pricing discounts
  • TCO assessment tools
  • Cloud benchmarking reports

A must for larger companies requiring dedicated solution engineers and customer success, along with custom marketing support.

$20,000+ Monthly Spend


  • Dedicated Solutions Engineer
  • Dedicated Customer Success
  • Dedicated marketing team support
  • Market development funds
  • Press release support
  • Invitations to invite-only events

“The Partner discounts and having a dedicated manager appealed to me because we’re growing and I’m going to have questions about things I’ve never needed before. It is also mutually beneficial to make our relationship more official because Linode is so well-respected and recognized.”

Johnny Nguyen, Founder

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