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Start Something: How to Start a Business from the Ground Up With Silicon Slopes Founder Clint Betts (#009)

community should always be about a cause and the people within it and not a single person or a single company.

Welcome to the the 97th Floor Mastermind Interview Series where each week we sit down with one of the makers, thought leaders, and visionaries behind the biggest and/or up-and-coming brands around. We talk about everything from business and marketplace insights to personal journeys and successes, to failures and legacy.

In this episode we’re talking to Clint Betts, Founder and Executive Director at Silicon Slopes, about his experiences and insights on building a brand worth recognizing, and turning a small idea into a huge success. Using stories from the creation of Silicon Slopes, Clint demonstrates how you can make your entrepreneurial dream a reality. Let’s jump in!

Show Notes

0:10 How Clint went from software developer to nonprofit startup

9:09 Starting the formal tech community, Silicon Slopes and working with Josh James

12:29 Running a content creation machine

17:53 Creating the next technology hub and influencing a state ecosystem

21:58 What’s happened with these technology companies, taking off, starting with Novell and Wordperfect

28:38 Location, location, location

32:06 A great mustache and a legacy outside of professional pursuits

40:54 The way we tell stories and how we treat other people

Links and Resources Mentioned

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Shante Schroeder

Shante is the Director of Marketing & Communications at 97th Floor.

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